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Plotinus Asset Management

We have now deployed our proprietary artificial intelligence-based technology for the benefit of qualified institutional investors. Plotinus Asset Management is a regulated Cayman Islands company.

Plotinus Ltd

Defining Artifical Intelligence Since 2013

Business Consulting

Plotinus Ltd has deep experience in statistical inference. Our scientists are industry leaders in the commercial application of data. Our expertise includes creating derived sets of data for product development purposes.

Algorithm Development

We partner with executives to launch AI-based  approaches to enterprise management, with a particular focus on marketing and finance. Plotinus is committed to helping companies benefit from the data they themselves collect through their ongoing operations.

Data Analytics

Plotinus Ltd evaluates, enhances, and amplifies large sets of structured and unstructured data. We are experts at developing predictive models through our extensive background in information technology.

Who We Are

Northern Ireland Is Home

Plotinus Ltd is based in Northern Ireland. This strategic location empowers us to draw top talent from preeminent research universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Ready-access to Belfast and Dublin Airports ensures dynamic relationships with corporate clients throughout Europe and the United States.

We received support from Invest Northern Ireland to accelerate the development of our technology applications, deepening the local technology ecosystem.

We received grant funding from the European Union to probe the role of derived data in the field of data science, especially as it relates to finance.

Contact Us

Qualified investors seeking information on Plotinus Asset Management are encouraged to use the message portal at to reach our portfolio team directly.

Headquarters Location

Plotinus Ltd

29 Drumantine Hill

Newry, County Down

Belfast BT34 1TN

Northern Ireland

Plotinus Ltd is a registered UK company.

About Us

Plotinus Ltd was founded in 2013 to develop commercial data applications using artificial intelligence-based technology. Its founder and senior executive is CJ Finnegan.

Our executives are available to speak at your corporate event on a range of topical AI issues. Kindly use the message portal to discuss potential opportunities.

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